Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Lofts in Harrisburg

While Harrisburg is essentially a small town, I think the city would be great with some lofts.

And it looks like this is occuring. RSR is putting some up on Market Street across from the Post Office. I had seen them advertising on Craigslist and they may very well be sold out by now.

But there's an even nicer building in the Midtown neighborhood that'd make great lofts. Or a co-housing co-op style building. It's the old Glass Factory at 3rd and Muench.

This building would make some cool lofts. Or since the neighborhood it sits in is still a little rough for the yuppies, a co-housing or co-op style building. The two side yards would make pretty cool little gardens. And there's parking. And I bet someone could retile part of the roof with solar panels. Home Depot sells them. (And yes I realize the irony of an oil company selling solar panels to consumers. But let's be honest, where do you think the capital is going to come from when it comes time to build these massive solar arrays to feed our energy needs?)

if only I had a few million dollars. I'd buy this place and fix it up and make some really cool ***affordable*** lofts.