Tuesday, May 8, 2007

City Council

There's way too much that's been said on this and I'm not going to add anymore. However, after reading that Brad Kopinski's #1 Concern for Harrisburg was "the relationship between council and the Mayor," I decided he was not getting my vote.

Now don't get me wrong, the council and the mayor have the World's Suckiest Passive Aggressive Relationship. They're like spouses who should divorce but won't. The spats on HBG20 are classic. But in a city that went broke last year and had to sell everything but the kitchen sink, I think there's a lot more -- and a lot more deeper issues going on then just "the relationship between council and the Mayor."

Show me something a little less shallow!

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yosh said...

Thasnks for the link.

At least Koplinski is running his own campaign. That can't be said for the other two members of the Reed Team.