Wednesday, July 18, 2007

free money!

So we got furloughed, for a day, and now they're going to pay us for the day we had off.

I don't like this.

I thought about this awhile and decided that I'd give the 130 dollars or so (pretax) back. I didn't earn the money because it wasn't a holiday and I didn't work, since they laid 25,000 of us off. They're just doing it because they feel sorry for us. Or something. Or it's just more political games. Whatever.

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Anonymous said...


I suspect it is a union thing, were you were scheduled to work, and becuase the Boss told you not to report, that's not your fault. I remember discussing that when I was a manager over in NW PA years back.

Of course, in NYS we have no such protections. However, we did close last year for weather and were paid for it, IIRC.

-Peter (rfeceo)