Saturday, September 22, 2007

Restaurant Reviews in Harrisburg

I'm attempting to *force* myself into enjoying this town since I will probably be here at least 2 more years, and the only way one can do that is by going out.

And Harrisburg loves food. And so do I. I mean I just love to eat (even when I have an ulcer--don't worry, I'm on Zantac.)

First review: La Kasbah

This place is pretty cool. I went there for lunch with a coworker. At the time my stomach wasn't quite back to normal (having had a pretty vicious acid attack the week before that sent me to the doctor's for medicine) but I was still pretty hungry.

I had the lamb kabob platter with carrots and brushetta as the sides. For under 10 bucks too. It was quite tasty, a little bit spicy but not overpoweringly so.

The place itself is painted orange, but a really cool orange. It IS a tad smoky inside but overall this is one of my new favorite places.

La Kasbah
913 N. 2nd Street
Harrisburg, PA 17102

(or check the website linked! They have a carry-out deli!)

Bayou On Second:

I like Cajun food too (yeah, spicy food theme here) and I finally got to try this place out this week. They were out of their special Creole Meatloaf, so I had the Seafood Jambalaya instead.

It was pretty good jambalaya--surprising for PA Dutch land. Spicy, yes, but again, it didn't burn my GI tract.

They don't accept credit cards, however. BYOB.

Recommended (and I'm debating wandering down there for brunch tomorrow.)

Alvaro's Bakery at Green and Peffer Street is also an excellent place, friendly staff too. I bought a pound of macaroons there and took them to a picnic, and they were a hit.

And there's also Da Pitts!

At any rate there's more places I need to eat at, so stay tuned.

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