Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Only in Central Pennsyltucky

Jersey Mike reports on some scammalicious doings by one of the local cab companies:

Dispatch: Taxi!

Me: Hey, is there a long wait for cabs tonight?

Dispatch: Not really…

Me: Cool, can I get a cab at [my address]

Dispatch: Sure, just so you know- the fare tonight is twenty bucks plus whatever the meter reads.

Me: Pardon me?

Dispatch: Yeah, it’s new years eve, man.

Me: You’re telling me that there’s an extra twenty dollar fee to take your stank-ass cab tonight?

Dispatch: Yessir.

Me: Go [expletive deleted] yourself.

And that was it. I hung up ENRAGED and INSULTED that this cab company- this same cab company which I called countless times before for inebriated rides home from the bar or for a quick trip to the train station would have the audacity to GOUGE it’s customers on a night of the year that’s notorious for drunk drivers and DUI crackdowns.

If anyone else met this scam on New Years Eve, I suggest you contact the Public Utility Commission and raise a royal stink.

I got lucky, I took the last bus downtown at 6:30 and found myself a ride home at 1 a.m. I suspect that if I had called a cab (all of whom were doing big business around 6:30 I saw) I'd have encountered this and flipped a bitchfit, and walked (it's about 2 miles.)

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