Friday, February 1, 2008

Ok, this is just a what the frek moment

I'm So Hood (Listen)
I Wear My Pants Below My Waist
And I Never Dance When I'm In This Place
Cause You And Your Man Is Plannin To Hate (I'm So Hood)
And I Got These Golds Up In My Mouth
If You Get Closer To My House Then You Know What I'm Talking Bout
I'm Out The Hood
And If You Feel Me Put Your Hands Up (hood)
My Hood Nigg@s Can You Stand Up (I'm So Hood)
If You Not From Here You Can Walk It Out
And You Not Hood If You Don't Know What I'm Talkin Bout

This is a real song. I'm not kidding. When I first heard it, I thought it was satire. In a way, it is kind of funny. So I laughed until I was walking through Uptown one day and heard a bunch of badass little kids singing the song (and dressed like the song.)

There really aren't enough words for me to describe how this particular piece of music makes me feel, but this guy says it much better.

It's a sad commentary that the glorification of gaining material success through illegal or self derogatory means. But dude, sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Get your grind on in these streets in order to represent.

Uhhhhh, represent what? Oh I forgot. My blackness. Pants below waist. Move product. Treat women like they are less than me and nothing more than an object. Kill people that get in my way (literally). Don't forget the car on dubs (that may be rented).

But it doesn't' have to be this way. We are capable of so much more and have been so much more in the past. Our African ancestors established trade through the west, built pyramids, and established libraries in ancient Egypt. Minorities as a whole ruled ancient history.

We can still elevate our minds to so much more. Just because we are poor doesn't mean we have to objectify the worst that society can become and further degrade ourselves by replacing dignity with with acceptance of self humiliation under the guise that it's "keeping it real."

I will say, this is as bad as that slave chic I came across a couple years ago.


aurora said...


I followed that link for "Slavery Chic" and I gotta say that is the most tasteless thing I have seen in a loooooong time..maybe ever.

PS: Enjoyed your diary on Kod but I was too late to comment.

t_in_hburg said...

thanks! yeah, Slave Chic is just tacky. Awful tacky.