Monday, March 24, 2008

My Letter to Whole Foods

I've seen Whole Foods stores in downtown Philadelphia, serving the needs of an improving neighborhood.

I think your corporation could do well here in Harrisburg city. There are a number of sites in town that were former retail that are simply sitting empty. Many city residents want a grocery store within the city limits. With gas prices continuing to rise, going to the grocery store for many of us city residents often means a 10-15 minute drive. Building within the city also helps us expand our tax base and help limit suburban sprawl.

The city itself has a nighttime population of about 48,000. During the day it swells to almost 100,000. In the region there are almost 500,000 people. You will have a decent market here.

With stable employment and a fairly educated population I think Whole Foods could do well here.

I am simply a private citizen, with an interest in improving the city that I've adopted as my home.

Thank you for your time.

-Terry Pinder
Harrisburg, PA

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