Saturday, March 22, 2008

Olde Uptown

You know, I just have to say good job and mad props to the guys redeveloping Olde Uptown here in Harrisburg.

An observation I've noticed is people seem very set in their ways around Harrisburg, and they belittle any new change that tries to come down the pike. I don't much care for Mayor Reed, but he does deserve some credit for making the attempt to make the city better. And everyone else who has come up with good ideas should be too. It's time for an effort like Olde Uptown to occur in the State Street Corridor. With those huge houses that line the street it could be a real showcase hit.

I am sort of househunting, and I may just do it in Olde Uptown. It's a bit farther then my original part of the 17102 I was looking for. but it's really worth a look (since it seems to be the only part of the 17102 that's not in the 6th St. Corridor that's affordable.)

Link: Olde Uptown

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