Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Bike Ride through Town

Today, I rode my bike all the way down past Shipoke to where Paxton Open Sewer i mean Creek empties into the Susquehanna. It's a shame there isn't a bridge across it. One could wade across I suppose but the water color didn't look all that inviting (electric blue can't possibly be natural.)

This section of the Greenbelt has a reputation for lewd male behavior and lo and behold, there were a handful of creeps who'd disappear back into the woods. I seriously doubt they were out for nature walks. I wish the cops would patrol back there more often as their behavior is unfair to the rest of us. I'm no prude and some behaviors are better done behind closed doors. That's just fair. You don't have a right to sex in public.

I opted out of doing the greenbelt because I didn't have my wallet on me and I was getting hungry. Plus I was tired. And the above creepy men were creeping me out. I wasn't in the mood to get propositioned. Luckily there were lots of other people who were out enjoying the nice day and seemed to put a damper on the lewdness, as far as I could tell.

I rode back up Front Street then rode around the Broad St. Market. There's a few homes for sale back in this area that are priced extremely low (as in perfect for me!). The area hasn't gentrified. During the day it seems ok, not sure if I want to walk around down there at night.

I rode up my favorite little street in town after that---Penn Street to Macclay, then rode home, stopping to talk to Dan Miller from city Council and Representative Ron Buxton who was out canvassing.

I'm surprised though, the last time I tried riding my bike back in November I was seriously out of shape and was winded by the time I got to Kelker St (that's 6 blocks). So I suppose getting out and doing things and walking home from nights out is seriously helping my health out. I mean I made it all the way down to the Paxton Creek confluence, and back. I think that's about a 6 or 7 mile round trip.

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