Saturday, June 21, 2008

Last Word on the Midtown Crime Spree

This is going to be my last word on the Midtown Crime Spree.

I''ve been thinking.

And I'm thinking---if you let these punks (thankfully, two of them are caught) terrorize you into being afraid at night, not meeting your neighbors, and so on, then they've won.

Don't let them fraking win.

Don't be afraid to walk down your street. If you are---they've won.

Don't be afraid to hang with your neighbors on your stoop. If you are---they've won.

Don't be afraid to meet your friends downtown or at the Midtown Tavern or the Taproom (well you do have to walk past Cafe 1400, and that can be a scary place)...otherwise they've won.

Hiding in your houses means they've won.

Not going out and enjoying life means they've won.

Don't let douchebags win! And that's just that!

But still, carry mace or a tazer or whatever if you need to. I met a guy tonight who has a billy club. That's hot. But don't let these douchebags win and terrorize our city.