Monday, January 26, 2009

Yeah I totally should be Blogging More

And so should my mom.

  • Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I can't seem to blog from my Blackberry. This really isn't fair. If someone knows a way that T-Mobile would like, let me know.
  • Anyway I'm feeling lazy at the moment. I've seen two reasonably good movies in the last three weeks. Seven Pounds was sad, and about halfway through when you figure out what is up, you'll be sad for the rest of the movie. Gran Torino, surprisingly, was a comedy. The acting was a little wooden, particularly on the Hmong actors side, but a good effort for all.
  • I'm enjoying my house hunting as I browse the MLS. I wish PA Fair Housing Council was easier to contact. They don't respond to emails.
  • I think a big old Victorian like the ones in the 2000 block of Green St. would be awesome to live in. I'm so excited to buy a house this summer that I could plotz.
  • People want on my dance card now that it's no longer available to them. Funny, that. Where were you from August 2007 through Sunday? Ah well, you lost your chance.
  • Carley's is an excellent restaurant downtown.
  • The banks don't need any more money. In fact they're hording it.
  • I'm also still amazed 100% financing is still available. Really?