Sunday, March 30, 2003

9/11 Commission Watch

I need to do this, because noone else is.

Criminal Charges? Only if the panel sees fit.

Friday, Bush finally agreed to increase the panel's funding to $11 Million dollars. That's after significant arm twisting took place by Senators Lieberman, McCain, and 5 others, along with the 9/11 Families (who incidentally, from what I've read, aren't too pleased with going to war.)

However (and this is pretty old, I admit), there seems to be some airline bias. At least, that's what the Sierra Times reported on March 10.

Also, and this was also buried last week, the Newark Star-Ledger is reporting that members of the 9/11 Commission have connections to the very firms they are investigating. Conflict of interest? Here's a decide.

Five commissioners -- Ben-Veniste, Fielding, former Illinois Gov. James R. Thompson, Democratic former Rep. Tim Roemer of Indiana and Republican former Sen. Slade Gorton of Washington -- work for law firms that, collectively, have represented clients including Boeing; New Orleans International Airport; and Delta, United, American, Evergreen International and Spirit airlines.

And lastly, Kissinger remains secretive about whatever caused him to resign last December.

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