Saturday, March 29, 2003

Sean-Paul has posted on SARS, and I think I'm going to post on it too. Not because he has, but because I know nothing about it. I have something to say about this disturbing rise in disease.

And yes, I have to give a certain form of "science" a well deserved swipe.

The government of Ontario has a major problem on its hands.

The CDC says beware if you travel overseas.

It's only a very short matter of time before it reaches the United States. I'm just 12 hours by car from the Ontario/New York border. A number of my friends are spending Spring Break in Toronto and other Canadian cities as well. This is a big concern to me. Who knows what they'll bring back when the dorms reopen on Sunday afternoon and the campus reopens for buisness Monday morning.

West Nile is pretty much entrenched in the New York area where it first broke out, then spread outward from there and I expect West Nile will be horrible this summer coming. The winter we just went through was wet. Very wet. West Nile is probably here to stay in the US, despite the fact that it shouldn't be. It's a tropical disease.

But of course, global warming isn't occuring at all. No, never.

TB is now resistant to our antibiotics because Americans douse themselves in anti-bacterial solutions without realizing that eventually, the bugs they seek to kill will evolve to resist.

Then again, Creationism is all the rage these days. There's no such thing as evolution. No, never.

It was a matter of time before evolution created yet another bug for us to worry about. First AIDS. Then West Nile. Now SARS.

Think it's time to rethink Creationism? I sure do.

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