Saturday, March 29, 2003

Was anyone else's college career this mind-numbingly tough?

Here's my challenge. I love a challenge.

In my Comm Theory Class, I have the following due this month.

March 31st- Draft Instruments and a Presentation
April 2nd, Exam #2
April 7th, Comparative Abstract
April 16th, Methods Section
April 21st Exam #3
April 30th, a Final Portfolio Review
May 2nd, Final Project Proposal.

No, I really haven't begun on any of those, but there's more.

In my Global Politics Class...
April 11th, Paper due: Topic Fascism.

Yes, I started it. Sort of.

There's more!

In my Western Intellectual Tradition (the class I have with that Reganite kid...he aggravates me to no end) I have ...

April 1st: Draft of Term Paper: Topic, Ayn Rand: A Left Libertarian Critique.
April 17th, Final paper due.

I sort of started this one. Ayn Rand scares me.


In my American Government Class..

The paper is due April 25th. I have not yet chosen a topic. They were assigned in class on a day that I was in DC, attending Crossfire.

There of course, is more.

In my International Organizations Class...we have a Briefing Paper due on April 29th. This is in preperation for our Model UN Security Council Simulation. Yes, the topic is Iraq.

I may be bald by the time this Semester ends. Ha!

This won't effect my posting, of course. School is just a minor setback to blogging.

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