Tuesday, March 4, 2003

So today in Western Intellectual Tradition, this kid whined that he was oppressed. He whined that his views were being stifled by the rest of society because he was different. I suppose you're wondering why I really have no symphathy for him. Here's why:

And I quote.

"I'm an oppressed Republican!"

I literally LAUGHED in his face. My resounding "HA!" could be heard up and down the hall. Now, if I went to school in New York City, then maybe I'd have pity on him. But this is LANG-kist-er County, PA. We've had one-party Republican rule for decades. Democrats do not get elected in Lancaster County. There are days that I think that the next time a Democrat gets elected to any major office in Lancaster, Halley's Comet will be in the skies. (The comet returns in 2061.)

I now can't take any of his arguments seriously (mainly because he never argues points in class, just inane talking points and dogma...just that he's right and the liberals are unpatriotic freaks who will ruin the greatest nation on earth and it isn't fair that he has to pay taxes blah blah blah...I'm surprised at my restraint. But in the real world, I'll have to deal with all types of people, including those who cannot argue their way out of a paper bag with a giant hole in the bottom and therefore think they are "oppressed").

I just thought I'd share that story.

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