Wednesday, July 16, 2003

DRC Update

The ICC (yes, that evil shrill ICC that will usurp all American soverignity by way of France) is taking a good hard long look at the violence in the DRC. This could be a prelude to a possible investigation into war crimes in the region. Also in the DRC, the top rebel arrived in Kinshasa to be sworn in as vice-president in a power-sharing agreement. Here's to hoping for peace.

More good news: The United States and the United Kingdom both back a French-led effort to impose an arms embargo on Eastern Congo.

UNITED NATIONS, July 15 — The United States, France and Britain have united behind a French draft resolution that would impose an arms embargo in eastern Congo, increase the ceiling on United Nations peacekeepers in the country and strengthen their military mandate, diplomats from two of the countries involved said today.

Things are looking somewhat better, it seems. We'll see. . .

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