Wednesday, July 16, 2003

I'll take this news as good news.

LONDON (Reuters) - The number of asteroids likely to collide with Earth and cause huge damage is smaller than expected, scientists said on Wednesday.
A computer simulation developed by scientists in Britain and Russia shows that asteroids with a diameter of 200 meters (yards) will hit the Earth's surface about once every 160,000 years, instead of every 2,500 years.

"Fewer asteroids (than expected) will make it to the surface of the Earth," said Dr Phil Bland, of Imperial College in London.

If a massive near-Earth object measuring more than a kilometer (0.6 mile) in diameter slammed into the planet it would cause global devastation and kill an estimated quarter of the world's population.

But scientists believe an event of that size would only occur about every 700,000 years.

Good cause we don't get to go extinct. Thus, good news.

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