Sunday, February 8, 2004

9/11 Commission Watch

Not surprisingly, the Bush Administration doesn't seem to be cooperating. The extention was a good thing, however. I'm glad for that.

The White House is facing a new battle with the federal panel investigating 9/11. To mollify the panel chair, former governor Thomas Kean, President George W. Bush last week reversed course and agreed to a two-month extension that is supposed to ensure a final 9/11 report by July. But that might not be enough. Commission sources tell NEWSWEEK that panel members are fed up with what one calls "maddening" restrictions by White House lawyers on their access to key documents. Unless the panel gets to see the docs, the report "will not withstand the laugh test," a commission official says. The panel is threatening to force a showdown soon—by voting to subpoena the White House.

Heh. I hope they bring it. You know, the White House must like laughing at the tinfoil-hat crowd...which their obstruction feeds their paranoia.

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