Monday, February 9, 2004

um . . .

Remember when I made the case for intervention in Congo, and then Liberia during the summer?

And remember how international intervention helped both countries---Congo is stablizing, abeit slowly, and so is Liberia.

It's time for the same in Haiti. It's our own backyard, people.

People are paying attention.


and here (for the last two weeks I might add...nice job Team Agonist.)

and here.

and as far as I know, not here.

anyone else I missed?

Okay, so maybe I'm jumping the gun. It IS an election year after all. But, considering this is Pax Americana whether we want it to be or not, humanitarian intervention is a noble goal---and our responsibility. Now I don't mean neo-con adventures to remake the universe. You know exactly what I mean.

Or...maybe, I just care because the Haitians are black as one friend cynically put it.

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