Monday, April 26, 2004


Tomorrow is the Pennsylvania Primary. Something new in this primary---You WILL need a photo ID if you are a first time voter or you've recently moved. Get out there and vote!

(Big Democratic Race is the Attorney General race. The obvious hot race on the Republican side is the Toomey/Specter Race.)


I think most Lancaster County residents will agree with me, regardless of party. We really need to upgrade our machines. Yeah, the rest of the country is worried about Diebold. Here in Lancaster, we're still using the old 50s style Lever machines. In fact when states throw away their lever machines, they end up here.

had some annoyance at the polls this morning. I have no idea if my vote counted. The person before me (who was a dem, incidentially)..her vote did not record cause all the levers jammed. I was fine but still...

double update

then back to hardcore studying.

this blog endorses Arlen Spector!

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