Tuesday, June 1, 2004

job search begins

One of the things I'm doing on my hiatus while I "get it together" is lining up a job for when I graduate in December. Eventually I am going to graduate school but I don't want to have any downtime after I graduate. (Namely, I don't want to have to move back home like nearly every college student I know has to do.)

I think public service is what I should be doing. That's where I've been looking. I heard rumors that getting hired in government is frustrating. Any truth to that?

Anyway wish me luck. I think I should start writing again soon.

This blog will probably take a direction that is less politically oriented. The only thing I plan on writing on politically wise is my fundamentalism project. I promised that I would contribute and I will honor that promise. I'll probably begin writing on my job search and things like that since in less than 6 months i'll officially be on my own. I hope people stick around to see how I turn out.

PS: Donate to those people on the left!

and Ben, don't forget about Ben in his State House campaign!

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