Tuesday, February 22, 2005

job search

I've begun my job search now that all my graduation paperwork is finally in and processed. I bought my cap and gown today. That was weird. (Graduation is May 7th. Cards of well wishing can be directed to
12 University Drive, Millersville PA 17551

So far, applications and resumes have been sent to:
1. A consulting firm in DC that was looking for "an energetic recent college graduate" for a staff assistant.
2. The CIA (Office Assistant. Foot in door type job)
3. The Department of Transportation as a Program Analyst. It was a student job, meaning I should send them my transcripts (oh no.....)
4. Planning Trainee for the state of PA, I'm on the hiring list (I scored 80 out of 100.)
5. Transportation Planning Specialist Trainee for PENNDot, also on the hiring list.

I also applied to a think tank that does work with democracy, but I don't really remember the name and it was so long ago (and I haven't heard anything back either).

That's it so far. I'm taking the PA State Civil Service Exams in March for whatever I can find.

Send me job leads. I'd like to get something lined up to start in June so I don't have to move back in with the parents (and they'd probably like it if I didn't move back in either.)

And while you're at it, send job leads to my friend Rachel too. She needs a job.

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