Monday, March 14, 2005


There are lots of things odd and disturbing on TV today but the new Burger King Commerical takes the cake. The first time I saw it, I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I honestly thought it was some kind of soft core pornography Like:

Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders?

Big Cabooses?

Twins with buckets full of ranch dressing? (Now that just weirded me out.)

Breasts growing on trees? (being picked by a fairly buxom young woman giving the camera the Jeff Gannon "come hither" look. . . entendre my god. Her hair was even blowing ever so gently in the breeze......)

And I'm not absolutely sure if I saw this in one version of the commerical, but there was a giant chicken dressed up in S&M gear. I'm half surprised there wasn't a sling in there. If you don't know what S&M gear is, God Bless you. You haven't been warped. May you never be warped.

Talk about bizarre.

And talk about effective. That damn song is in my head for hours after seeing that jarring and somewhat pornographic commercial. Damn, I want a Bacon Crisp Chedder Tender Ranch right now damnit! Burger King appears to be going the Quiznos route----make something bizarre that might disturb some people------disturb them into buying your fast food. We never did find out what those rat things were that Quiznos was using (did we?), if they were indeed rats. However I wanted Quiznos from the second I saw it, even if the commercial was . . . weird.

And now that damn song is in my head again. I'm off to Burger King.

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