Saturday, March 26, 2005

fundraising drive

I haven't run a fundraising drive since the election season. I am thinking it is time again.

Not for a candidate however. For me, instead.

It's called the "Drop Terry a Dime or Two so he (and his fish, cause they are his kids) Doesn't have to move back in with his parents" fundraising drive. Not that there's anything wrong with my parents. They are wonderful smart people. I just don't want to live with them again. And I think they enjoy being childless. Well not quite childless, they do have Shadow the Cat who is the equivalent of a 2 year old. At any rate, it would just be wrong of me to move back in and ruin all the fun they are having. And Shadow would be quite resentful since he is a bit of a Princess. You should hear the cat whine when the family gets together for holidays. You'd think we were going to take his milk away or something! Also, everyone else in college moves back home with their parents these days and I really have never enjoyed being "like everyone else." I move against crowds. It's probably better I don't drive outside of isolated parking lots. I'd probably drive against traffic. (hardeharharhar.)

job front
Two peeps back: 1 denial(USDA) and one vague "You MIGHT get to have an interview."(PennDOT's Transportation Planning Specialist Trainee Program) I'm not discouraged yet. I have a lot of paper still floating around human resources offices out there. It might be time to send out another batch after I rewrite my resume which is just way too long. At this rate however, I'm willing to work anywhere as long as it doesn't involve moving back in with my parents. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

stuff for grabs
140 lbs of weights. They are collecting dust in the closet. $45. Pick up only.

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