Sunday, March 27, 2005

RIP Sprite

Sprite was one of my Zebra Danios. He passed on sometime during the afternoon.

He was the smallest of the school, therefore the others picked on him. It wasn't anything to worry about as the school all played together when they weren't chasing each other for some spastic reason.

However, for some reason, Sprite liked to go off by himself. In the last couple weeks, I noticed Sprite hiding in the back of the tank. I figured he was doing his loner thing (as I do from time to time.)

This week he wouldn't come out to eat. I guessed that he was ill. I just didn't have the heart to euthanize him though, figuring he'd get better. But today, Sprite died. It's the first death in the tank since I set it up in November.

RIP Sprite.

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