Monday, August 29, 2005

10 miles

I watched Katrina's eye pass east of downtown New Orleans this morning.

10 miles.

A track 10 miles west would have utterly destroyed the city.

The city seems to have taken a major, devastating blow however, with people trapped (why did you people not leave or go to the Superdome?!!) in their attics. In Hurricane Betsy, people drowned in their attics.

And there are no reports south and east of the city. It is likely places like Venice and Grand Isle no longer exist.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting (and appalling) to compare satellite photos of that coastal area before and after Katrina. The comparison to the tsunami is apt.

Anonymous said...

I guess you know by now that they didn't leave because 100,000 people in New Orleans don't have cars--it's a city!--and Greyhound stopped running on Saturday.

Why FEMA had no evacuation plans for this frequently predicted disaster, I have no idea (but I bet we have detailed invasion plans drawn up for Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc.).