Sunday, August 28, 2005

New Orleans

About a year and a half ago, for Spring Break, three friends and I drove down to New Orleans for Spring Break. It was, for some of us, our last spring break. Soon we'd be graduated (I took another year for medical and personal reasons) so we decided to have a blast.

We stayed at 1500 Canal Street and partied in the Quarter every night. We had bagettes at Cafe Au Lait right under the very levee that will probably fail sometime in the next 20 hours.

We wandered up and down the banks of the very river that will drown the city, and drove over the causeway that spans the lake that will too, drown one of America's most wonderful city.

We walked by the Superdome, now the last refuge for tens of thousands of New Orleanians.

Our way home was not so great, but some great people helped us out to get us home. To those great people we met, my prayers are with you. I hope to God you got out.

New Orleans is a special place...unique in this world. May God have mercy on her and her people.

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