Thursday, August 11, 2005


This was a really funny article in the Patriot News this morning. I giggled. And it just goes to show that the pay raises were an incredibly stupid idea. Stupid. I mean mind-boggling stupid.

One suggested he walk a mile in their shoes and run for office. Another asked if McIntyre had ever supported a legislative pay raise. Still another sent a two-page letter explaining why he voted for the raise.

Then there was the reply from Democratic Senate leader Robert J. Mellow, D-Lackawanna: "Why don't you get a life? Please do not mail my office another e-mail."

The Patriot-News examined the e-mails on McIntyre's computer. While there was no way to verify the author of the messages, the "from" line in the messages read "Senator Robert Mellow" and carried his e-mail address.

Mellow did not return messages left with his Harrisburg and district offices.

I think everone should drop Senator Mellow an email. But I'm devilish.

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Jonathan said...

That is toooo funny! Grrrr... this whole thing has me miffed.