Sunday, December 11, 2005


I have turned the comments back on. While I found the porn spam rather amusing, from now on the comments are moderated. That means, if you make a comment, it might be a bit before I approve it so that it's seen, especially if you comment during the Eastern standard work day since I'm not supposed to be blogging at work.

war on christmas

Not much to say about this except bah-humbug. Bill O'Reilly needs to 1.) Grow up. and 2.) read some history. People have been turning Xmas into a "war" for at least a century. Henry Ford complained about it himself nearly a century ago.


I still really dislike Hburg, but I really enjoy my job. So I'm here for the long haul. And since Hburg isn't making me happy, my job can, and at least I get paid so I can then go out and buy said happiness.


My job is cooler than your job. ;-)


My first batch of beer was a stout. It is a bit on the bitter side for my liking, and a bit alcoholic, nearly 10% by my estimation. It needs a name. And---I need some ideas on what to brew up next. I'm thinking something for Valentines Day.

sci-fi friday

One more month. I'm suffering.


I think a Borders or Barnes and Nobles would go great downtown. I think I'll write Mayor Reed and tell him just that. I hope I at least get a form letter back. Still waiting for the one I wrote post-Katrina about the city's disaster plans.

That's all the updates I have for now.

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Cumberland said...

I was going to refer you to my family practice MD in New Cumberland, but by the time you got there on public transportation, your headache would be so bad you'd forget your original reason for going.

So there's the bureaucratic approach: select your favorite hospital (I assume Harrisburg; in my too extensive experience, it's the best in the area for patients, and it's not far from the Capitol. Call and ask for "physican referral," which lists all doctors with admitting privileges, thus screening out a few bad ones from the Yellow Pages and those with admitting privileges only at inaccessible Osteopathic or Carlisle. Tell them what you're looking for, especially location and hours.