Saturday, December 17, 2005


Parabola Magazine, a magazine I had never heard of until I went to the B.Dalton in Strawberry Square this evening, is running a nice series of articles on religious fundamentalisms of all kinds. It's $7.50 and a good read. On bookstands until the end of January.


Harrisburg apparently doesn't believe in clearing streets. I'm somewhat spoiled I guess. The side street I grew up on in Upper Darby usually got cleared fairly well. Then again, Upper Darby has about 40,000 more people than Harrisburg does.

Winter sucks. I'm already sick of it. And meteorological winter does not end until March 1st. That damn groundhog better see an early spring.

War on Holiday Christmas

Much has already been said. I think Bill O'Reilly has completely missed the point of the season. May he get coal in his stocking. And Happy Holidays.


I'm new to this whole autocratic mayor thing. Is Mayor Reed always so combative toward the press? And does he always bash the City Council?

suggestions and things heard on the bus this week

"Mayor Reed should sell back those Wild West artifacts and use the money to clear my goddamn street!!"

"The Republicans were better with the state workers which is really weird." (in reference to last nights ever so fun commute. There should have been a 2 hour early release according to some. Buses did not run at all. 2 hours to get home--in hindsight, I should have walked. It's only 20 blocks.)

"That Governor is just pushing my buttons."

"Damn Judges!" (in reference to the judges fighting the pay raise repeal.)


I need to find a doctor. Who's good? (I have Blue Cross, if that helps.)


That punk needs to stop whining.

domestic spying

I'll make it easy for them so they don't have to harass my neighbors (who I don't know, by the way), or my friends (whom I haven't seen in 6 months or more) or my family (who will just slam the door in your face.) Here goes:

I wear size 28 waist. I drink tea, not coffee. With 2 sugars. Sometimes with creame. I leave the house at 750 and get home at 430. I don't drive. I read sci-fi. I do not like George W. Bush.

Easy enough? Good, that should keep you spooks busy.

next up

I'm going to make a mead next. Any beekeeprs in the area?

domestic spying part two

Even though my outrage meter is long broken, I'm really quite disturbed by this "Bush personally ordered spying on American citizens" thing weaving its way through the press.

You know, I could go into a rant about the Constitution of this great land, and how I personally feel this current crew of "leaders" (yes I'm looking at you too Congress and Judicial Branch) has more or less used it as asswipe paper. But you know what? I'm just too tired to do it anymore.

I will continue to exercise my 1st Amendment Rights. And I'm really starting to like the 2nd.

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