Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hero of the Week

Sherriff Billy McGee

He diverted FEMA Trucks to a place that needed ice in Hattiesburg, MS after Katrina. He did this not for financial gain, but because people would have died without that ice. Some friends and I got stranded in Hattiesburg, MS, and I can say that the people there are among the nicest in the world. He's being prosecuted for doing so. I've heard that the Governor of MS himself demanded it so.

At any rate there's a letter writing campaign underway. Here's the address of the Prosecutor.

Dunn Lampton-United States Attorney: Southern District of Mississippi
188 East Capitol
Street One Jackson Place, Suite 500 Jackson, Mississippi 39201
Phone: 601-965-4480Fax: 601-965-4409email: dunn.lampton@usdoj.gov

Hattiesburg, MS has largely been ignored in the eyes of the press. Actually a large swath of Mississippi was devastated by Katrina, and an area the size of Great Britain was laid waste. It's amazing that the US economy was able to absorb this (and a large part of me thinks the real effects will show themselves later this year).

If you're so inclined you could also contact Senator Lott's office. Senator Lott did lose his Pascagoula home in Katrina and has been (surprisingly) amiable and angry about the government's response. Here's his DC office number: 1 202 224-6253

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