Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Progressives Behaving Badly

Progressives Behaving Badly

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Tony Snow, for what it's worth, is the mouthpiece of a pretty horrid Administration. But this post at DKos is full of "progressives" and "reality based people" behaving like Freepers.

It really is too bad.

And diaries like this and others are why black people avoid that place. Yes if you're not an athiest you're an unintelligent delusional person. I read it on Daily Kos so it must be true (that's sarcasm by the way.)

Like I said, it really is too bad. I'm debating changing my involvement there and looking for a new blog community to hang out at. Even though I already paid through the nose for the convention this summer...maybe I'll try to change it from within.

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