Sunday, April 1, 2007

global warming

you know, given that Harrisburg is 400 feet above mean sea level, and the oceans might rise 3 feet or 33 feet depending on which person you talk to (real science at the IPCC says 3 feet by 2100, catastrophists and fearmongers say more then 30 feet by, um, 2040 or 2015, I dunno, they keep changing the year), I might want to rewrite my dream of moving someplace tropical like Florida.

Plus, Global warming means we won't have winter here anymore! I hate winter!

Would you like to know more? Here's some links


Real Climate

Both sites are heavy on the science. Unfortunately, sites that are not heavy on the science tend to veer into the "It's the End of the World everybody run around with your hands in the air" type of rhetoric, and I won't link to them here.

Nor will I link to Crapuweather's crappy response to this, as they insist the earth isn't warming despite the fact that all observations are to the contrary.

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