Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Heat Wave of the Summer

even though, astronomically, it isn't Summer yet. (Meteorologically, summer began a couple days ago.)

Not 2 weeks ago I was shivering as I stumbled home from yet another bar night out. If I wasn't so skeptical about everything, I'd say Mother Nature was fucking with us.

The heat has made everyone scarce (why do people in Pennsylvania fear the heat? cmon! Get used to it if the Earth warms drastically!) so I am forced to find my own entertainment today.

So: I watched all of the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica. It's as intensely satisfying now as it was when it started in 2004.

I filled up some water bottles.

I turned on the Air conditioner.

I turned it back off because it made it too cold, and my AC unit is loud and irritating forcing me to put the TV up too loud. It isn't really that hot in here since I don't get sunlight after 11am in my apartment, except maybe between 6 and 7 in the bedroom at this time of year.

I looked at house listings in midtown again. A new prerequisite: I'm willing to give up the washer/dryer for a larger back yard for a pool.

Mark my words--I'm going to have a swimming pool. Just don't know how big it'll be.

I contemplated riding down to Philly on the train but nixed the idea when I discovered the latest train back was at 8:45PM. That kinda takes the sails out of your fun (and I didn't really want to sleep over at any relatives' houses, at least not this time.) There really needs to be a midnight train, even though yes I know money controls that and if Amtrak isn't making money on it, they won't do it.

FYI they USED to have a late train going in each direction. Wish they'd bring it back.

I'm climbing the walls. This is kind of the first Saturday in a while that I'm not doing something with someone and I'm very antsy.

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