Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I've turned comment moderation off. I keep missing comments, and I really did feel bad about that, so we'll just put up with the porn spam. It is more amusing than annoying anyway.


was quite nice.


This town is an enigma. One moment I hate it. The next, I want to buy a house. The architecture around here is awesome. Even those who absolutely hate Harrisburg have to admit to the uniqueness of the neighborhoods in this small city.

I also think that Upper Darby's 69th Street could be a great model for revitalizing the Third Street Corridor from Forester to Reily. 69th Street is about five blocks of stores. It's very much like an open air mall. At the southern end at 69th and Walnut is Sears. At the northern end is the Tower Theatre. Marshalls and Staples are also represented, along with a United Artist Movie theater. In addition, at 69th and Market, is the western hub for SEPTA's suburban service.

There used to be a website for the shopping district, but I can't locate it on Google.

(Oh Upper Darby is also my hometown.)

3rd Street already has one anchor: the Midtown Theatre. In a way it already has another with Broad Street Market at 3rd and Verbeke. Now it needs the infill.

I think this is a good idea. Attract *something* to get people shopping in the city. Restaurant Row is okay but in all seriousness, watching other people get fat really isn't all that appealing to me. I'd like places to shop in walking distance...but I'm used to that from growing up 5 mins walking distance from 69th Street.

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